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 Honey is different colours depending on the flowers that nectar is collected from.

Honey, as variable as wine!

Honey and Hive Products

Despite the general lockdown, as bee farmers we have to continue looking after our animals so all being well honey production will continue much as usual. If you have difficulty getting hold of our honey please do contact us and we will try to arrange collection from the apiary.

We produce pure, raw honey from our colonies around East Surrey. Spun out of the comb and single, cold filtered; we take nothing out and add nothing to the pure amber liquid.

 Historically honey has always been regarded as medicinal; it has been used throughout history and modern research bears out many of the claims.

Honey is used with great success to treat coughs and sore throats and is especially useful for children as it has no side effects.  Likewise local honey taken to treat hay fever and allergies can successfully alleviate symptoms of itchy eyes, nose and throat that can be so distressing. Try it and see!

Our honey is bottled in small batches so that each lot is from one apiary. This is ideal for those who want to take local honey to combat symptoms of hayfever. 

Outlets that stock our honey


Vic Gibson Butchers Ltd
301  Lower Addiscombe Road
020 8654 5147
The Post Office,
217, Godstone Road,
Knights Garden Centre,
Nags Hall,
Woodcote Green Garden Centre,
Woodmansterne Lane,

 Pricilla's Tea Room

52 Limpsfield Rd,

 South Croydon

 CR2 9LH

Phone:07837 719457

Coulsdon Area Farm,

Cane Hill Park,

Lime Tree Avenue, Coulsdon,


Pendrick's Zero Waste Shop,

41, Croydon Road,


Tel: 01883 212911