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 Summer in the Apiary

 Now the summer weather is here the  bees can do what they have been unable to do till recently, which is gather some much needed stores. So make sure that colonies have plenty of space for honey storage. Small colonies have been slower than usual to build up and may still need feeeding when we hit the June gap.

Queen rearing is behind schedule too this year but hopefully it won't be too long before the newly mated queens are proven.

Swarming may continue for another few weeks yet so keep on with the weekly inspections.

 Have fun with your bees!



East Surrey Bees offer Professional Teaching and Tuition.

We run professional courses for beekeepers of all levels of experience. Tutors have teaching qualifications and extensive beekeeping experience. We have over two hundred honey producing hives and raise nucleus colonies for sale.

Bee Keeping Taster Day

Sunday 18th July

A  wonderful start to an amazing hobby.

Come and handle our beautifully calm  bees and find out what is really involved in keeping a hive of healthy honey bees.

A day of tuition, honey and mead tasting tasting, with home made ploughmans lunch provided.

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We run professional courses for beekeepers of all levels of experience.

Tutors have teaching qualifications and extensive beekeeping experience.

We have 'Taster Days' for beginners, day couses on activities relating to beekeeping and also run  Corporate Days for businesses who want something a little different.

Future workshop

Practicals start in May!

Preparation for beekeeping courses in 2021 are underway and all being well we should be able to run at least some of our practical courses with Covid 19 measures in place.

We have plenty of space at the apiary so that social distancing can still be observed and most of the time we will be outside.

Honey and Hive Products

We have a range of hive products available from our two hundred plus, honey producing colonies. We produce raw honey which is extracted from a single site at a time so that you can buy honey local to you.

We also produce cut comb honey and pure bees wax candles.

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We can now offer bees wax polish and furniture cream as well as a limited supply of propolis and pollen.

Now taking orders for nucs with overwintered queens for Spring collection.

Please use the contact  form.

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We produce nucs for sale in the spring and early summer.

We also specialise in raising docile bees from our own queens  which are available from early summer.