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We have taken on board all the Government recommendations

with regard to preventing transmission of Covid 19 to make our

training centre compliant with the latest regulations.

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Queen Rearing: A  practical day looking at different ways of raising good quality queens.

Beginners Courses

Beekeeping Taster DaysNot sure if beekeeping is really for you? Then why not come and meet the bees for a day and find out?  The apiary has different size and style hives in operation and during the day you will get a chance to ask all the questions you may have while looking at colonies, tasting different honeys, finding out how to start, what you need and where you can get bees to begin. Find out all about the beekeepers year and the time, cost and effort required to keep a hive of healthy bees so that you can make an informed decision as to whether beekeeping is for you. Ploughman’s lunch included, with homemade bread, pickles and cake.

Cost £95.00 including lunch and use of protective clothing for the day.

   Saturday 9th April 2022.  10am - 4.pm

Beginners Beekeeeping   Theory Course

All the theory you will need to be able to set up and run a healthy and productive hive of your own.

Understand the colony make up and behaviour so that you can manage effectively the processes of swarming and the prevention and treating of disease.

Both as ten week via Zoom and as three full day training.

Cost £195

 Practical Beekeeping for Beginners

For aspiring beekeepers or those who have limited experience and want a chance to develop their skills, this ten-week course will provide all the help you need to work confidently with a full colony and manage them successfully to produce a honey crop- all being well! We provide protective clothing for use in the apiary together with the tools needed. Designed for the beginner it will teach you how to inspect a colony and identify the different castes and sexes, how to handle bees and give you an introduction to swarming, honey production and the problems of pests and diseases. On Thursdays in April for ten weeks, from 6.30pm at the apiary in Whyteleafe.Course Cost  £125.00

Improvers courses


Extraction Day  Saturday 

A practical day exploring some of the different methods and techniques for taking honey from the hive, uncapping, extracting and bottling your precious golden harvest.

Starts 10.00am - 4pm cost £95.00

Microscopy for Bee Keepers

Date to be confirmed for 2022

Find out how to prepare a sample of bees for identification of Nosema and Acarine, using both compound and disecting microcopes.

Also extracting pollen from honey to identify the flowers visited by the bees.

Starts 10.00am - 4pm  Course cost £95.00

Disease Day 


Get to handle the real thing, we have a license to keep infected combs and we use these to illustrate what diseased larvae really look like. We also look at meothds of prevention and control not only of the foulbrooods but also minor brood disorders.

Starts 10.00am - 4pm Ploughman’s type lunch provided. Course cost £95.00

Queen Rearing -  

A whole day during which we will look at the various methods that the back garden bee keeper can raise a small number of good quality queens.  We look at using Apideas and mini mating nucs as well as techniques for grafting larvae and the ‘cupkit’ systems. We also investigate the use of swarm control systems such as the Damaree and Pagden methods for producing replacement queens.

Starts 10.00am - 4pm Ploughman’s type lunch provided. Course cost £95.00


Other Courses

Mead Making Workshop

Saturday Date to be confirmed

from 10am to 4.30pm

Essentially a practical day we will go through the whole process from the start, going through the equipment and materials required, racking off and bottling techniques, all for the small scale hobbyist.

 We have plenty of examples of different types of mead ‘on the go’ to try and some mature and ready to drink that we can try. You will see that mead doesn’t have to be the overly sweet drink often presented by commercial companies, it is a complex drink as diverse as any other type of wine and well worth the little effort required to produce it.

Cost £95


 Candle Making Day

from 10.00 am to 4.30pm

A full day of practical activities with rolling, moulding and dipping to make beautiful beeswax candles. We show you how to recover and refine wax from your hive and we cover topics such as    safety and the equipment that you will need to produce these wonderfully aromatic candles. This day is an extended version of the candle making workshop as given at the Harper Adams Spring Convention.

Cost £95

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