East Surrey Bees

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Tel: 01883 622788   Email: Enquire@eastsurreybees.co.uk


Thanks to the circumstances last Summer,

we have increased our nuc production and hope that we will have plenty of our home grown nucs and queens available this coming season.

Please contact us using the form to register your requirements.

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Nucleus Colonies

We produce five frame nucleus colonies that are more than equal to the required BBKA standard. Brood in all stages on at least four frames and a frame of stores.

Standard size national nucs collected from our apiary are from £280.00. We also have nucs on 14x12 National, Langstroth, Jumbo Langstroth/ Dadent, Smith and Commercial frames, prices on request.



Home bred, mated queens are usually available from June, depending on the weather. All our breeding stock is selected from productive, docile colonies and all queens are proven before sale.